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Our amazing almuni’s work extends beyond the classrooms in Madison after graduation.
Read their success stories and find out how you can follow their footsteps!

(If you have already graduated and would like to tell us your story, please contact We are always looking for great stories as they help  current students with their career path decisions greatly!)

Jenna Bushnell

Jenna Bushell
UW Majors: International Studies and Journalism
Age :24 Washington, D.C.
Public Affairs Specialist of the Peace Corps

UW alumna Jenna Bushnell: A voice for Peace Corps volunteers around the world
Story published by The Morgridge Center for Public Service
Posted Aug 05, 2015

The Wisconsin Idea was really integrated into every facet of my education and experience at UW-Madison. The university has a learning culture that places a lot of emphasis on envisioning the impact that a great education can have when applied to individuals, communities, and the world.”

Read the story of her experience during undergrad and how she made a use to get a job in the field she is extremely passionate about!


Neha Lugo
UW Majors: Political Science, French and International Studies with Certificates in European Studies and Global Cultures

Age: 33 | Washington, D.C.
Attorney Adviser for the Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State

Story published by Wisconsin Alumni Association

“I love my job, which allows me every day to take part in decisions that advance U.S. foreign policy and, I believe, the common good.”

Read about her experience at UW-Madison and how she got her dream job!

Emily Woerfel, 2010 UW Alum








Emily Woerfel
UW Majors: International Studies, Spanish and Linguistics
Age: 27 | Barcelona, Spain
 ESL specialist at Colegio Abat Oliba Loreto in Spain and International Education Blogger at This Is Milk

Story published by International Studies Major Communications Intern, Ayu Iwaoka

“studying abroad was the first big turning point in what my future would soon become. When I came back from studying in Spain my only goal was to return, and the University helped me do that. I was lucky that the Study Abroad resource center on campus had some great information to get me started and looking into what sorts of things I could hope to do abroad. Unfortunately for Americans, it isn’t as easy as picking up and moving to Europe and looking for work. Here we are immigrants and finding a job requires a visa, which requires a job, which requires a visa…you get the idea. But teaching English is a way to get around this problem.”

Read about her experience at UW-Madison and how to live and work abroad!

Samuel W. Jack
UW Major: International Studies
Graduated: 2005 | Washington, D.C.
Attorney Advisor for Acquisition & Assistance in the USAID Office of General Counsel

Story published by International Studies Peer Advisor, Megan Diermeier

“I have traveled overseas in my position and was proud to see the many good things that USAID accomplishes around the world,” he said. “It’s very rewarding that the work you’re doing is at least trying to make a difference.”

Read about his experience at UW-Madison and how he got to where he is today!


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