Current Students

The International Studies (IS) Major offers an interdisciplinary approach to international affairs. The major draws on courses from an array of departments in the College of Letters and Science and across campus. The courses you take will expose you to historical and current issues in international studies, providing the skills you need to be competitive in the global professional workforce.

IS  Advisor, Dreux Montgomery on a study abroad trip with students in Jiuzhaigou

IS Advisor, Dreux Montgomery, on a study abroad trip with students in Jiuzhaigou, China.

The IS Major is a rigorous academic program. Students complete a series of prerequisites designed to introduce them to the field, ground them in economics, and increase their foreign-language competency. For the major, students have the opportunity to specialize in one of three Options: Global Security, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy, Culture in an Age of Globalization.

Study abroad is a natural combination with the IS Major, and we expect all students to pursue a significant international experience during their undergraduate career.

There are many resources provided for current students via our website. Please read through the appropriate information and contact an advisor if you have a question.