Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Advising is essential to a successful undergraduate experience. For this reason, the International Studies Major has a professional advisor,  a peer advisor and a career advisor. We recommend that you meet with your advisor at least once per semester to track progress towards your degree, explore study abroad options, and begin the career exploration process.

Advisors Can Help You

How to Meet with an IS Major Advisor

The IS Major offers walk-in advising, scheduled appointments, and advising workshops.  Students who have declared the IS Major are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kirsten Brown using WiscCal or stop by walk-in advising hours.  Students that are not declared majors and who are interested in learning more about the IS Major should attend an Intro to IS Workshop or use walk in hours.  Students seeking to declare the IS Major should attend a Declare Me! session, meet with the Peer Advisor, or use walk-in hours to declare.  Students who are seeking career advising should schedule a meeting with Joel Clark or use his walk-in hours.

Walk-in Advising

Walk-in advising is offered for students who have quick questions, are unable to attend peer advisor workshops, or have schedule conflicts with available appointment times in WiscCal. Both declared IS Majors and undeclared students are welcome to use walk-in advising. Walk-in hours can be found here.

Have a Quick Question?

If you have a quick question that does not require a conversation, feel free to email the IS Major advisor. The email should come from your email account (why?) and include your Campus ID number. If it is an ongoing email conversation, please include the history.

Prior to sending your email, please check our website for answers to common questions.  If it is determined that your question cannot be answered via email you may be asked to make an appointment.

Advising While You Are Abroad

Students who are studying abroad and need to meet with the IS Major advisor can use WiscCal to schedule an appointment.  When doing this, please remember that WiscCal functions in the Central Time Zone.  After you have scheduled your advising appointment, please email the advisor with your Skype user name and the date/time of your appointment.

Make an Appointment

Current UW-Madison students who have declared the IS Major can schedule an appointment with an Advisor using the WiscCal system by clicking on the links below.  Please note that during busy times in the semester, the IS Major advisor’s schedule will fill up quickly so it is best to plan ahead. Students who have quick questions or are unable to schedule an appointment are also able to use walk-in advising hours. Prospective UW-Madison students should contact the IS Major advisor via e-mail as they will not have WiscCal access. Students that are not declared majors and who are interested in learning more about the IS Major should attend an Intro to IS Workshop or use walk in hours.

Advising Staff

The IS Major has an academic advisor, a career advisor, and a peer advisor to assist you.  Contact information for the advisors is listed below.  When e-mailing an advisor with a question you must include your 10 digit campus ID.

Molly Donnellan – Academic Advisor

I advise for the International Studies Major. Walk in hours are in the link above, and students should attend an Intro to the IS Major workshop before scheduling their first appointment with me.

Click here to schedule an appointment via WisCal.

Csanád Siklós, Ph.D. – Academic Advisor







Academic Advisor Hours: Students can schedule an appointment through email. Walk-in hours are listed below.

Kirsten Brown, Ph.D. – Academic Advisor




Academic Advisor Hours:  **Currently on leave and unavailable to meet with students.

Joel Clark- Career Advisor

Joel Clark





Career and Internship Advisor Hours: Students can schedule an appointment through WiscCal, using the link below.
Click here to schedule an appointment with Joel
All scheduled appointments will take place in North Hall 306.

Megan Diermeier- Peer Advisor
The Peer Advisor specializes in advising students with the following concerns: introduction to the major, major and certificate declarations/cancellations, and DARS.

Fall 2017 Peer Advisor Walk-in Advising Hours: 333 Ingraham Hall

Monday: 10 am-12 pm, or
Wednesday: 3:30-4:30 pm, or through email at


Summer Advising:
By appointment using email or wiscal.


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