Students may be required to complete and submit forms throughout their time in the International Studies Major.  Several of the forms are listed and available for download below.

Major Declaration Form
Before declaring the IS Major, students must attend an Intro to the IS Major workshop and complete (or show good progress towards completing) the first two pre-requisites before declaring the major.  Please see our Declaring the Major web page for additional requirements.
Students interested in declaring can attend a Declare Me workshop or declare during walk-in hours.

Honors in the International Studies Major
Students wishing to earn Honors in the Major in International Studies must declare in the second semester of their junior year.  More information and requirements are available here.
This form must be submitted to the IS Major advisor before or on the last day of class in the semester in which you graduate.

Distinction in the International Studies Major
Students not enrolled in the Honors Program may apply for Distinction in the Major.  International Studies must declare with an IS Major advisor and meet the requirements listed here.
This form must be submitted to an IS Major advisor at least three weeks before your date of graduation.

Honors Senior Thesis Petition Form
This form is for students who have enrolled in the Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis course progression and would like to count the course in the IS Major or in Honors in the IS Major.  Complete this form and turn it in with your response sheet to 333 Ingraham Hall for consideration.

Academic Credit for Internship Form
Students who would like to petition the IS Major to consider their internship for elective credits in the IS Major should follow the procedure outlined in this form.  The internship work must be international in content to be considered.
The Internship Credit Petition Form must be submitted to the IS Major advisor within the first 2 weeks of starting your internship.

Directed Study Petition Form
Students enrolled in a directed study course and would like to count the course for the IS Major must complete this form and submit it with the attached response sheet to the International Studies Major advisor prior to enrolling in the class.

International Studies Major Study Abroad Course Worksheet
Please bring this completed worksheet to meet with the IS Major advisor when inquiring about study abroad credit transfer.  More information about the process is available at our Study Abroad for IS Students web page.

Study Abroad Checklist
Students should review and complete this checklist throughout the process of studying abroad.  More information for IS Major students studying abroad is available here.

Student Conference Travel and Undergraduate Research Award
Students who are traveling for national/international conference are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Please fill out and submit it via email to IS Major Advisor.