ore than 2,200 UW-Madison students and alumni aspired to stand out from the crowd, share resumes and talk with recruiters from 183 registered employers participating in the Spring Career and Internship Fair, held at the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Jan. 31, 2012. Pictured here, Griffin Garcia talks with a representative from of Epic, a medical and health industry software company with headquarters in Wisconsin. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

More than 2,200 UW-Madison students and alumni participated in the Spring Career and Internship Fair, held at the Kohl Center. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Internship opportunities allow students to: apply knowledge they have learned in the classroom, develop real world skills, gain valuable experiences, and build a portfolio that supports their post-graduation career path.  IS Major students are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities to get a feel for what field may or may not interest them. Internships offer a great opportunity to give a variety of fields a try in order to see if the job is something a student would like to pursue further.  Students who gain experience through internships have an easier time approaching the job market because they have had exposure to the real working conditions of their chosen profession.

The IS Major posts internships and career events on our website and Facebook page. There are several programs that help UW-Madison students locate and apply for internships. Three critical resources are L&S Career Services, Bucky Net, and the International Internship Program.  In addition, IS Majors can also apply to spend a semester with an internship in Washington, DC via two different campus programs.

International Opportunities for IS Majors

To view a list of international opportunities for IS majors, click on our International Opportunities for IS Majors handout.  The handout includes information about internships, summer programs, memberships, undergraduate and graduate scholarships and fellowships, and post-graduate opportunities. To view the handout, click here.

Washington, DC Summer/Semester Internship Programs

The Wisconsin in Washington program offers a unique opportunity that supports students interning in DC during the summer or the semester.  This program is considered study away and administered via IAP in the red gym.  The DC program combines an international affairs-focused internship and regular seminars with prominent speakers and distinguished UW-Madison alumni who work in professional, academic, and diplomatic fields related to international affairs.  This program is 12 credits (3 classes that are 4 credits each).  Students who wish to use the credit for the International Studies Major need to enroll in the international track.  Please click here for more information about the program and application process.  Starting in Fall 2017, students can view how the DC program classes fit within their IS Major by following the directions on the procedure for obtaining IS Major credit for an internship.

Internship Credit and the IS Major

Students who wish to petition the IS Major to consider their internship for elective credit in the major need to do so within the first two weeks of starting the internship.  The internship work must be international in content for consideration.  Students should read the information outlined in the procedure for obtaining IS Major credit for an internship and fill out the the internship credit petition form.

Please note, there are 3 credit and a 1 credit versions of IS 320 and IS 523.  The 1 credit version does NOT have enough academic content to count towards the IS Major.  You are still welcome to take the 1 credit versions (and in the summer it might cost less); this class will count toward the 120 credits you need for your degree, but it will not fit within the IS Major.

International Internship Program (IIP)

The International Internship Program (IIP) identifies, cultivates and promotes high-quality internship opportunities that: advance the professional training of UW-Madison undergraduate students; foster global competency; and reinforce academic learning through practical application.

Several IS Major students have interned abroad through IIP.  Watch the videos below to hear about Laura Bechard’s internship in Spain, Scott Sroda teach in Uganda, Gail Gustavson work in Ecuador, and Mary Pyne’s experience in Ireland!

To view a list of IIP internship opportunities for IS majors, click here. For Summer and Fall 2016 internships, most applications must be submitted by February 21, 2016. Check the list for specific details.


Laura Bechard’s internship with the US State Department in Barcelona, Spain


Gail Gustavson’s internship with Child Family Health International in Quito, Ecuador


Scott Sroda’s internship with CARITAS for Children in Nkokonjeru, Uganda


Mary Pyne’s internship with USIT Work & Travel Office in Dublin, Ireland

Samty Xiong’s internship with the United Nations High Commission for Refuges in Washington, DC

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